Carl A Floyd Jr.

Certified educator, coach, and founder of  the CTL Foundation.

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Gabriel & Ebony Warren

Marriage consultants, small business educators, and founders of OneKiss for Marriage.

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Christopher E. Weaver

Creative Dance instructor, graphic designer, and founder of Total Control.

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  • Servicios gratis en mi comunidad?
  • ¿Necesita usted aprender inglés?
  • Student Support Groups in local schools
  • Prayer walks in Birmingham
  • Literacy workshops in Hoover, AL
  • CTL Blogger launched

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An educational resource focused on providing youth access to information that is vital to them reaching their educational and career goals.

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For many years, Contributing To Life (CTL) has devoted its energy and resources to passionately advocating for youth in local communities.

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  • Support to local USATF, AAU Summer Track & Field Club
  • Community development in Holt, AL
  • Spanish Outreach
  • Disaster relief in Tuscaloosa - Birmingham areas

Tammi Thomas

Health educator and community health administrator.

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The CTL Foundation is devoted to community and positive youth development.
Through service and support, we hope to build leadership and encourage a prosperous life perspective in our local communities.
Contributing To Life is active in our local community.

Our Outreach team is partnering with local schools, churches, and organizations in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham metropolitan areas.

he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed   - Proverbs 11:25

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